Testing My DevOps Chops

Using Chef to Deploy A Simple Ionic/Angular Todo App on AWS

I spent the better half of two weeks learning Chef as a foray into Infrastructure as code. Devops can be difficult to learn, so I decided to set up a development, staging, and production server on AWS using Chef to manage server setup, package dependencies, and encrypted password vaulting. Repo

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Kinto on BSD

Kinto is my favorite NoSql Database option since it is self hosted and has all the features I need. Here’s what I had to do to get it working on my BSD server.

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Fastest Android Setup for Ionic

THE absolute fastest way to build your Ionic v3/v4 app (for Android)

Ionic 4 is out horray, and I am testing out a new distro (shocker). Let’s find out the absolute minimal steps to get Android Stuido installed and our env variables set so we can run ionic cordova build android.

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My Config Files

I find myself frequently working on systems that are not mine. Some of the tools that I have spent the most time learning are the ones that I have gotten massively efficient on. For example, my (beloved) code editor Vim is ubiquitous on most systems I use, but will never be set up in the way I need as it is currently default installed in these ubiquitious locations.

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